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Zoume 1,057

AKA: Zøume

About Zoume

Zøume takes the diversity of their ever-growing borough and makes it shine in everything they do. Rising up as the underdogs of their music scene, the band immediately began to gain traction in their region and across the country through social media with the release of their debut EP. The band then goes on to set milestone after milestone, determined to carve their own path in the ever-changing world of music.

Spring of 2017, the Brooklyn underdogs went to take their music on the road- touring down the east coast and gaining fans everywhere, known for their unique energy and intense music. After tour, Zoume went on to check off several milestones – they played a set on Warped Tour’s mainstage with their whole city watching, landed on Alternative Press magazine as one of the ‘Top 10 Bands You Should Know’, and released latest ep ‘The Diablo Project’ which had the band looking at label deals and looking at their next big step.

Today we find Zoume releasing music that breaks any genre barrier – their latest single BITXH just landed on Spotify’s official New Metal Tracks playlist, broadcasted to over 200,000 listeners alongside bands like Underoath, Parkway Drive and even Judas Priest. There’s no such thing as failure for this Brooklyn band, who truly bring back a feeling of individuality that’s been lost in recent years. If you haven’t heard them yet, it’s guaranteed you will soon!

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