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AKA: Junius Rogers

About ZillaKami

Junius Rogers (born September 20, 1999), known professionally as ZillaKami, is an American rapper from Bay Shore, New York. Best known for his striking grillz, eccentric persona, and provocative lyrics & music videos, which often depict drug abuse, violence, and nudity. Zilla’s controversial style started gaining traction online in early 2018. This attention resulted in recognition from, and subsequent collaboration with Denzel Curry.

Although ZillaKami collaborated extensively with 6ix9ine in the past, they had a falling out after 69 refused to pay royalties for certain songs Zilla wrote. He has since been working with other rappers from the NY underground hip-hop scene, such as SosMula, ScumBagChad, and ITSOKTOCRY.

Zilla’s continued association with SosMula and producer Thraxx, whom all have very similar styles, eventually led to the formation of their joint act known as City Morgue.

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