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Xen Fro

About Xen Fro

Krystian Gawlica was born in October 20, 2002 in Poland.
His first song is Ice (Intro) that dropped in January 12 2019 and is an intro to his first EP named Ice.

He’s a big fan of XXXTENTACION. He first heard him on middle 2015 and instantly fell in love with his music.
He’s listening to him every day and his music is inspiring him to continue making his own music.

He ended his “Xen Fro” career in February 8, 2019 when he said on Twitter that he needs to improve his vocals, mixing and maybe change his style of music. He said that he’s gonna change his nickname too.
He changes his nickname to KayJee M.
KayJee – KG – His initials.
M – it’s after KayJee because a lot of people already has that name.
He added M – First letter of word “Mother”.

After that he deleted his SoundCloud, Instagram, Twitter and AudioMack accounts to make the new ones.

Музыка | comunicati stampa consiglio dei ministri | Nobody's Fool (1970)