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The Underachievers Band

About The Underachievers Band

The Underachievers are a three piece band from Hoorn, The Netherlands consisting of Tjardy van Keimpema (vocals and guitar), his brother Abel van Keimpema (drums), and Fimme van den IJssel (bass and synthesizer). What started out as a joke is quickly becoming more of a success story for the trio. Accidentally reaching over 40.000 streams on Spotify within 2 months since the release of their first EP Chronic Pleasure EP , their song “Mania” stands out as their biggest hit. The single Frustration was released a couple of weeks later. After a leisure trip to London in August 2018, which was a rollercoaster ride from start to finish, the band was inspired once again. Currently, they are working on an album and are planning some single releases in between.

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