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Skitz Kraven

About Skitz Kraven

sKitz Kraven is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter from Sun Prairie, Wisconsin currently living in Los Angeles, California. With a horrorcore aesthetic and a versatile catalog, sKitz Kraven is making a large impact in the underground hip hop scene. Kraven is best known for his most popular singles “Magic” and “That’s All”. After releasing an EP titled “After Hours”, 2 mixtapes “Wonderland” and “Black Snow”, and 2 compilation albums “#NewMusicMondays (The Collection)”and “#NewMusicMondays (The Collection Vol. 2)”, Kraven has gained a cult following with a worldwide fan base. With his dark sound, intense rhyme scheme, and "in your face” delivery, sKitz Kraven is impossible to ignore.


Black Snow (2015)

Wonderland (2016)

After Hours (2017)

#NewMusicMondays {The Collection} (2017)

#NewMusicMondays {The Collection} (Vol. 2) (2018)

One Piece 189 | Сборник - Зайцев нет. Лучшие новинки апреля (2016) MP3 | 24: Legacy