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About Nvdes

NVDES is a Los Angeles-based experimental electropop project formed by musician and producer Josh Ocean, best known as one-half of the duo Ghost Beach. Conceived as a quirky indie collective, Ocean and a handful of core collaborators began releasing singles beginning with “Before the Weekend Comes” in 2015, followed by tracks like “Fela,” “Don’t Fvck Your Neighbor,” and “The Other Side.” Generally laptop-based, NVDES' music incorporates a wide range of electronic sounds and styles. They released their debut EP, Life with Lobsters, in late 2016, followed in 2017 by the singles “Turning Heads” and “Do You Think About Me.”

In interview for The Line Of Best Fit, Ocean says: “In 2015 I had just moved to Los Angeles and was starting to jam with some friends. I wanted to find a way to make music and experiment with production without any genre in mind. It started as a production project but now I see it as a laptop-punk band.”

The two main collaborators are the Lemon Girl and Madi Diaz, but often includes other people that Ocean feels inspired to make music with. “I see all the people who influence the vibe as a part of the NVDES collective,” he says.

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