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AKA: Lee Ji-eun

About IU

One of South Korea’s most beloved solo female artists, Lee Ji-Eun, better known by her stage name, IU, is a singer-songwriter and actress under the agency Kakao M .

The singer first debuted with the EP Lost and Found in 2008 at the age of 15. She then went on to release two more albums before releasing “Good Day,” in 2010, which became a hit-sensation and brought her to national stardom.

As of March 2014, IU made her fifth No. 1 on the K-Pop Hot 100 Chart, a feat comparable to BIGBANG and EXO.

Aside from her fresh charms that got her dubbed as the “Nation’s Little Sister,” she has also shown other sides of herself with more classical-orientated albums such as Modern Times, which are reminiscent of Broadway musicals. IU has also showcased her dramatic acting abilities, the most recent being Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo.

In an interview with Chosun Ilbo, IU explained that her stage name was chosen by her agency:

‘I’ and ‘You’ become one through music."

She recently celebrated her 10th year debut anniversary with the release of the single “BBIBBI,” with the single marking her first attempt at the Alternative R&B style of music

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