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Icon For Hire 125


About Icon For Hire

Icon for Hire is an indie rock band from Decatur, Illinois formed in 2007. They were formally signed to Tooth and Nail Records, during which they released their self-titled album Icon for Hire and their debut Scripted in 2013 and 2011 respectively.

After their departure from Tooth & Nail Records, they released two singles in 2015: “Bam Bam Pop” and “Now You Know”. They became fully-fan supported, running as an independant dup after the departure of drummer Adam Kronshagen.

In 2016 the trio, now turned a duo released their third album You Can’t Kill Us independently. They created a kick starter which received over $100,000 worth of backings in which fans receive three songs every three months for the year of 2016. The album saw release in November, and debuted in the lower ends of the Billboard 200.

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