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AKA: Dean

About DEΔN

Real name 권혁 (Kwon Hyuk), born November 10, 1992, in South Korea.

He is a renowned R&B composer and songwriter, known also as DEAN qs his stage name, qne Deanfluenza in songwriting, producing, and composing credits for other artist’s tracks.

The name “Deanflunza” combines “Dean” (like his stage name – from James Dean, whose rebellious image appealed to him), and “influenza” (which reflects his spreading popularity and mass global effect).

He is a rising R&B singer-songwriter, who has released one solo EP, as well as doing multiple collaborations with both American and South Korean artists.

His influences are mainly R&B, trap music, and indie. DEΔN says he’s constantly inspired by fashion, film and pop culture.

DEΔN is also a member of crews, Fanxy Child and Eskimo.

Check out below his cover of Hotline Bling and one of his live performances.

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