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Cherry Bullet

About Cherry Bullet

Cherry Bullet (Korean: 체리블렛; Japanese: チェリーバレット) is an upcoming ten-member girl group under FNC Entertainment. They debuted in January 21, 2019 with the album Let’s Play Cherry Bullet.

On August 20, 2017, FNC Entertainment revealed a teaser for a new eleven-member girl group that is to be revealed on August 22. On August 21, the first member Yuju was revealed with the date “2017.08.23 00AM” in the caption. This was followed by the second member Jiwon on October 22. Following Jiwon’s reveal, no new members were revealed in the following days and no updates were given on the situation until over a month later, on October 3, the third member Bora was revealed.

However, yet again, no further news about the group was released after Bora’s reveal, hence it was presumed that FNC Entertainment had either delayed or cancelled the group debut. The other members over a year later.

On January 6, of 2019, the title track “Q&A” was revealed along with the debut album name, Let’s Play Cherry Bullet. They debuted on January 21, of 2019.

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