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​Armoo 158

AKA: Armoowasright

About ​Armoo

Robin Basak Arayan, also known as Armoo, is a German rapper/singer and former YouTuber. He is of Armenian origin.

Armoo started his YouTube career by making (fake) pranks on his channel called ‘Armoowasright’. He got a lot of hate on different platforms such as YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. Because of the hate he got, he decided to (permanently) quit YouTube and start rapping.

At the beginning, he started making songs in the German language. In Germany, the rap industry is a very big industry. His first song ‘Louis Vuitton’ got a lot of hate, but did get a gold record because of the streaming amount on various platforms. Also, he wasn’t loved within the rap industry. Rumours tell that Killer Kamal’s track called ‘Saaf Slaaf’ is a disstrack on Armoo. However, this isn’t confirmed.

-International Rapper-
His first song in English, called ‘Bozoo’, has a feature with 6ix9ine. At the beginning of this track, Armoo shouts “6ix9ine, we gotta make these haters burn.”, indirectly saying that he has nothing to do with all the haters.

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