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I’m Verónica from Perú. I make lyric videos on YouTube and I also do photography. I started out with The Eleventh Cassette when I got obsessed with the band Area 11 and thanks to them I found more amazing artists; like Issues, Night Verses, etc.

In mid 2017, I started making videos of the bands I currently loved, for example I. The Mighty and OWEL, along new singles from bands like Slaves and Secrets. My videos have been noticed by Brent Walsh, Jay Sakong, Richard Rogers, Erik Ron and Storm The Sky.

If you want me to make any lyric video for your band or solo stuff, send me an email at eleventhcassette@gmail.com

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Golden Girls | AssholeFever Mira Cuckold Pumping Mira 720p HEVC x265 piemonster.mkv | Sheep in the Big City